Kells Infant School

What is the vision for Kells Infants School? 

Kells Infants School is a SMART school. We learn, grow and achieve together. We respect ourselves and our community and keep ourselves and each other safe. 

  1. Kells Infants school is in an area of high levels of deprivation, the consequences of this impact on the health of students, their life expectancy, high levels of SEND, high levels of involvement with wider services including Social Care and the Police.  


As a consequence, we need to ensure that school is a safe, welcoming, and kind place for all students and ensure a nurturing approach which improves physical and mental wellbeing. 

Our curriculum helps support children with complex and vulnerable home lives through: 

  • Our culture, atmosphere, behaviour management and ethos including the development of emotional literacy and self-regulation and resilience 
  • Wider opportunities and experiences which are beyond those accessible to children in their normal lives  
  • A clear curriculum with a metacognitive approach where learning is scaffolded, well-supported and key knowledge embedded through repetition and review 
  • Working with an anti-racist mindset which values all student experiences and aims to avoid negative stereotyping and bias


  1. Kells Infants School provides the start of education for most of our young children. The majority attend the nursery and transition through into school. Following this, they attend the local Junior site (Monkwray Juniors). 


As a consequence, we need our school to provide a welcoming start to pupils on their educational journey. We need to develop enthusiasm for learning and ensure pupils recognise themselves as life-long learners, developing a positive mindset and the language, knowledge and skills needed for the next stage. 

 Our curriculum helps support children to develop as independent learners through: 

  • A well-planned, well-resourced and pupil-focused EYFS unit which helps our youngest pupils develop a love of learning and independence. The EYFS have a focus on the language of learning and ensuring pupils can articulate their thoughts and plans 
  • A clear curriculum with a metacognitive approach where learning is scaffolded, well-supported and key knowledge embedded through repetition and review 
  • Regular planning and subject leadership work with Monkwray Juniors to enhance transition and ensure that the curriculum prepares pupils for their next stage 


  1. Kells Infants School is in the centre of a town. The majority of families live in the town and do not venture far from its boundaries. Pupils have access to a local harbour, a rich seafaring history and beautiful beaches close by. However, pupils have limited opportunities to develop wider cultural capital or to be exposed to cultures, languages and traditions which are different from their own.  


As a consequence, we need to ensure our children learn about their locality, its traditions and history and how it has shaped how things are today. They need to appreciate and recognise their roles as custodians for key areas like Whitehaven harbour and Lake District National Park. They also need to be exposed to diversity and our global community and to develop citizenship values like empathy, kindness and care. 

Our curriculum helps support children to understand and appreciate their locality and to recognise that they live in an amazingly diverse world with lots of opportunities and possibilities. We do this through: 

  • Ensuring our curriculum highlights local issues, history and traditions. 
  • Ensuring opportunities to develop a global view are enhanced in lessons, assemblies and other events through the school year 
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop the skills and knowledge required to provide a valuable contribution to organisations within the school and beyond  

High Road, Kells, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA28 9PQ

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