Kells Infant School

Remote Education at Kells Infants school

 As we are now in a period where children are attending school in the normal way, we have revised our remote education offer to support the fact that the majority of children will be in school in order to access learning.

When children are ill, we will not expect them to under-take home learning.

However in the following circumstances, remote education will be encouraged and families should be prepared to support this:

  • When children have had to isolate at home but are not unwell
  • When children have fallen behind with learning as a result of absence and catch-up learning would be helpful
  • When extra-ordinary circumstances have meant that the child cannot attend school but is able to access learning for a short period of time

The education offered to pupils will be bespoke to their age and circumstances. Pupils should expect to work for around 3 hours every day.

Teachers will use online Apps like Class Dojo and Showbie to set work for children to complete.

On request, work might be sent in paper form. 

Children will always be expected to complete a reading task and a maths task on a daily basis.

The school will communicate with absent children doing remote learning on a daily basis to provide support.

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