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A tour of Kells Art Gallery with our exhibition 'The Dot' in November 2023 

Parent Newsletters

Summer Term

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Spring Term 

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Autumn Term 

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Our school entrance has been re-designed as a calming, welcoming space for reflection in memory of our colleagues Mrs Jones and Miss Morgan. Thank you for contributing to this project. I hope that it will provide a place of calm for our community.

News from our Reading Lead

Good afternoon
At Kells Infant School our children learn to read and write through a programme called Read, Write Inc.

Click on the link below to watch a short video explaining how Read Write Inc. Phonics helps your child to learn quickly and easily.

Click on the link below to watch a sort video explaining what phonics is and why your child is learning to read with phonics.

Click on the link below to watch a sort video explaining how to say the sounds.

If you have any questions after watching the videos, please contact me.

Mrs Pennington
Reading Leader

Curriculum planning for this term 

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In school, we use Makaton to aid Communication, watch this video to learn more. We have more videos on the SEND page.

Golden Apple Nominations 

Kells Infants School was nominated for a Golden Apple Award as 'Primary School of the Year' for 2022-3. Mrs Pennington was recognised for her work within the school in the 'Against All Odds' category.

Although we didnt win an award, we are very proud to have been nominated and wish to thank the whole staff team for their hard work which was recognised in these nominations. We also want to thank the community for their support and for working in partnership with us for the benefit of all the children at Kells. 


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Thank you and well done for taking part in our sponsored walk in memory of Miss Morgan and Mrs Jones. 

Thank you for your support whilst we deal with the loss of our Teacher, Rachel Morgan and Headteacher, Joanne Jones. Our school community has been shocked by these tragedies but we are comforted by your kind wishes and blessings.

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