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Absence – first day notification

Due to some tragic incidents nationally which were widely reported in the press, we have reviewed our emergency contacts and first-day calling procedures for absences. These now are:

  • Nursery school start time – Morning Session 8:45am    Afternoon Session 12:00pm
  • Nursery registers close at – Morning Session 9:00 (9.10 final) am   Afternoon Session 12:10pm
  • Main school start time – 8:45am   Main school registers close at 9:00 (9.10 final)
  • Absence calls/messages/texts & emails checked at register close time and registers updated
  • Ring number 1 priority emergency contact person for absent children where no contact has been made within 30 minutes of school start time.  If no response – send Dojo message to number 1 priority contact person
  • If no response within 45 minutes of school start time – ring down emergency contact list until reply is received, ensuring where possible that someone from outside of the family home has been contacted if there has been no response from anyone within the family home, and they can go to the property to check that everything is OK.
  • If no response from any emergency contacts on list – send another Dojo message and/or email to number 1 priority contact person and also to the number 2 priority contact person
  • Alert the Head Teacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead person that this child is absent and no contact has been made within an hour of school start time
  • If no response received within 30 minutes of sending last text message or email - home visit to be made if possible/appropriate by school or other agency involved
  • If no response at home visit – contact the police using the 101 number.

It is therefore very important that we have your most up-to-date contact information. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to let school know if your child is absent.  Please let us know by the register close time if your child will not be attending school.  A telephone call -  01946 691865 (please leave an answering machine message if there is no answer or if we are engaged) or a message with a friend or neighbour will do, or alternatively you can email school on –  or send a text message via Class Dojo. Please state your child’s name, your name and the reason for absence on any form of message sent.

Please inform the School Office of any changes in your or your alternative emergency contacts as soon as possible so that we have the best possible contact information.


Attendance Procedure Information 

Research shows that children who attend school regularly are more likely to be successful.

A child who misses a day of school each week misses an equivalent of two whole years in their school life.

Missing school leads to gaps in education that become difficult to fill.

Your child will be classed as Persistent Absentees if they are absent for 10% or more sessions.

Kells Infant school recognises the links between attendance and attainment and we are committed to work in partnership with parents to ensure that all our children achieve their full potential.

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