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Oracy at Kells Infants School


Oracy is the skill of being able to communicate ideas and feelings effectively through speaking.

We want our children to become increasingly confident, fluent and articulate speakers.

Our Curriculum encourages children in this area and it is part of our vision for our children which is a thread running across all aspects of school life.

We hope, through the delivery of our curriculum to:

  • Encourage children to talk with their peers,
  • Express opinions orally,
  • Listen to others,
  • Adapt their language for the purpose, using vocabulary associated with the subject, person they are speaking to and situation,
  • Learn and recite poems and prose,
  • Encourage children to use languages other than English which embrace the diversity of languages spoken within our community,

Some of the key ways we deliver this are:

  • Through the use of talk-partners and ‘think-pair-share’,
  • Embedding understanding of key vocabulary in all lessons and having this available for reference,
  • Re-visiting vocabulary regularly,
  • Encouraging drama and the chance to explore the language of a different people at different times,
  • Lessons which specifically have an expectation of pupils contributing opinions and feelings (eg) Philosophy for Children,
  • Targeted support for children with English as an Additional Language to help them develop vocabulary,

Our key focuses in Oracy for 2022-3 were: improving oral vocabulary, developing speaker confidence and ensuring eye contact between the speaker and listener in a conversation.

Our key focuses for 2023-4 are: developing the use of specific vocabulary ( tier 2) words, using full sentences and adjusting speech for different contexts.

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