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Kells Infant School strives to promote the "love of reading" for all pupils.  This will be done through the teaching of Systematic Synthetic Phonics using the Read, Write Inc programme.  Moving away from the process of sending reading books home every evening for children to practice and learn how to read we will ensure that the pupils can read their book fluently as it will clearly match the sounds of the letters he/she has been taught.  We aim for children to develop fluency and confidence in every aspect of reading to enable them to enjoy and understand what they read.  This reading programme also makes more connected links to the development of writing.  Pupils will practice their reading and writing skills together every day.  

What if my child is struggling to learn the sounds?

Each session the reading teacher will be assessing the recognition and use of the sound taught each day.  If you child is not confident at recognising the sound they will have a short 1:1 tuition session with a reading teacher the same day.  This will reduce the widening of gaps in his/her phonological knowledge and skills.

Why can't we have a book every day?

Your child will be exposed to a good quality text throughout the week in class and encouraged to join in with the book.  They will learn to develop intonation and expression from the teacher modelling good reading behaviours.  You can help your child by reading a favourite story to them many times.  The more he/she listens the more the sequence of the story will be embedded and an understanding of the structure of stories and in turn writing will develop.  When your child brings a book home to read to you then they can be the expert as he/she will have experienced the book throughout the week.

What else can I do to help my child?

Please complete the phonics homework that your child is given at the end of the week.  This will reinforce what they have been learning.  You can also use Class Dojo to keep up to date with what your child is learning as you have a direct communication to your child's reading teacher.  Mrs Webster is our Reading Leader and will often post on Class Dojo tips and film clips to support you at home.  If you have any questions please make an appointment to speak to Mrs Jones or Mrs Webster about the reading programme and how it progresses.