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Computing 2020-2021


At Kells Infants School we view computing as an integral component of the curriculum.  Our overall aim is to enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum through the use of computing.  In the context of the development of the computing strands, it is envisaged that computing will enhance the process of the teaching and learning in all areas of the curriculum. In line with the National Curriculum, we have created our own scheme of work for Computing.

There are three main strands to the new Computing curriculum:


  • Information technology:  using computers for functional purposes such as collecting and presenting information or using search technology.
  • Digital literacy:  the safe and responsible use of technology, including recognising its advantages for collaboration or communication.
  • Computer science:  how computers and networks work, basic computer programming from simple floor robots to creating computer games.


We also have a comprehensive e-safety curriculum to ensure that our pupils feel confident when using computers and the Internet and know what to do if something happens to make them feel upset or uncomfortable. 

Computing is taught directly as a discreet subject but is used in all other lessons to develop confidence, gain skills and maximise learning potential. All pupils in Key Stage 1 have their own iPad. We constantly strive and recognise the need for reviewing and updating our ICT hardware and software in order to keep up with new technological advances.