Kells Infant School

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Monday 1st - Friday 12th February 

Session 1 - RWI

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Session 2 - Maths

Year 1 Year 2


Session 3 - Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is on Friday 12th February.

Watch the video below – there is no need to watch it all at once, watch a little bit at a time.

Chinese New Year video

Here are some activities for you to get prepared!

· Make a dragon from junk materials you have at home
· Do a dragon dance
· Make a Greetings card
· Find out about China and make a fact file – What continent is China in? How many people live there? What is the capital city of China?   What other facts can you research and find out about China?
· Learn to write numbers to 10 in Chinese
· Can you learn to say Happy New Year in Chinese?
· Find out what Chinese year you and members of your family were born in
· Have a Chinese banquet
· Make an ox mask
· Act out and re tell the story
· Make a money wallet
· Make a Chinese drum
· Print a Chinese blossom tree
· Find China on a map
· Go on Google Earth and explore China
· How many toys around your house are made in China?
· Make the flag of China
· Find out about Great Pandas that live in China
· Learn how to say hello in Chinese
· Can you say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese?
· Make a skyscraper like they have in Hong Kong
· Try and use chopsticks to eat something
· Learn information about The Terracota Army
· Find out about the Great Wall of China, can you make a wall?