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Religious Education 

Religious Education is taught following the guidelines of the agreed Cumbrian Syllabus.  From this we have devised our own programme of study which focuses on any first hand experiences the children may have e.g. a sense of belonging, being part of a rainbow group, Sports Club, etc.  We make use of our local church and minister and as the children progress through the programme of study which is Christian in its outlook it also gives the children a sensitive glimpse into Islam as another world religion.  They will be looking at customs, beliefs and ways of life etc.  However if because of your own beliefs you wish your child to be excluded from religious education lessons or collective acts of worship, you should see the Head teacher and arrangements can be made for his/her exclusion and supervision by a member of staff.


We have a collective act of worship each day (non-denominational) be it whole school or differing age groups.  Individual or group achievements may be celebrated.


We are aware that we now live in a multi-cultural society and have a separate policy to emphasise this.  Our resources are carefully chosen so that the children may have as wide a range of experiences and opportunities as possible.  In addition we aim to foster a caring and thoughtful attitude to one another and the environment.  This is approached through the citizenship curriculum during collective worship, religious education lessons and circle time, which is a time to share thoughts, ideas and feelings.

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Personal, Social and Health Education

At Kells Infant School we aspire for all our pupils to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and others in the school community and the wider world.  Through drama and roleplay we promote free expression and the understanding of the consequences of our actions as citizens of the school and the wider world.  We encourage the pupils to make healthy choices through the Phunky Foods programme, Change 4 Life and our school nurse, use of the Education Life Bus resource and visiting workshops to support keeping children safe in education and in the community.  Together with our drive for personal health development we strive for all pupils to take part in physical activities everyday with a 40 minute designated P.E. slot 4 times per week promoting healthy bodies and minds. Developing respect, tolerance, individual liberty and the rule of law is at the heart of our behaviour policy and a consistent approach to young children developing their global and personal responsibilities from a young age.

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