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Computing is concerned with the storing, processing, presenting and communicating of information by electronic means i.e. the Internet and electronic devices such as video recorders, tape players and digital cameras.  The development of computing has an ever increasing impact on the home and workplace and it is essential that children can take advantage of its opportunities and understand its effects.

Computing can also enhance and extend the learning process as children acquire knowledge of computer equipment and use a range of programmes.  By experiencing activities across the whole curriculum, children gain the confidence and skills to use today’s technology effectively.

Children use computing to enhance, enrich and extend learning throughout the curriculum, including the use of technology to support collaborative working and independent study.  It is also used to support the acquisition of knowledge of other subjects within the curriculum.  To this end school is continually improving and updating its computer provision and has equipped each classroom with a large interactive whiteboard which can be used to interject a visually and stimulating exciting new dimension into any lesson.